bhlē̆ i-1 : bhlǝi- : bhlī-

bhlē̆ i-1 : bhlǝi- : bhlī-
    bhlē̆ i-1 : bhlǝi- : bhlī-
    English meaning: to shine
    Deutsche Übersetzung: “glänzen”, also von Narben
    Note: extension from bhel- ds.
    Material: Gmc. *blīÞia- (*bhlei-tio- or rather *bhlī-tio-) “light, cheerful, fair (of sky, heaven, then of the looks, appearance, the mood:) cheerful “ in Goth. bleiÞs “ merciful, mild”, O.Ice. blīðr “mild (of weather), friendly, pleasant”, O.E. blīÞe “cheerful, friendly”, O.H.G. blīdi “cheerful, blithe, glad, friendly”, O.S. blīthōn, O.H.G. blīden “ be glad “. As. blī n. “paint, color”, adj. “ coloured “, O.Fris. blī(e)n “paint, color”, bli “beautiful”, O.E. blēo n. “paint, color, apparition, form” (probably *blīja-). On account of Gmc. *blīwa “lead” (O.H.G. blīo, -wes, O.S. blī, O.Ice. blȳ) with Lith. blyv́ as “purple, mauve, violet-blue “ corresponding color adj. with formants -u̯o- of our root (to accept Ger. blau congruent, indeed unoccupied Celt. *blīu̯ o- from *bhlē-u̯o- as wellspring, was conceivable), would be debatable, but the most likely. Here (after Specht Decl. 117) Russ. bli-zná “ thread break, flaw in fabric “, Cz. Pol. blizna ‘scar”; because of the parallel forms under bhlēu-1 barely with WH. I 517 to bhlīĝ -. Lith. blūvas “purple, mauve, violet-blue “; perhaps Lith. blaĩvas ‘sober” (if not as *blaidvas to related *bhlǝido-s), blaivaũs, -ūtis “ clear up, become sober “; perhaps Ltv. blīnê t “ lurk, a furtive (glance), blink”. Toch. A. plyaskeṃ “meditation”?? (Van Windekens Lexique 97).
    References: WP. II 210.
    See also: see also under bhlēu-1 and bhlǝido-s.

Proto-Indo-European etymological dictionary. 2015.

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